Young women obtain debts through online purchases | Loan consolidation

Many of the debts that come to Sunrise Credit have previously been due to SMS loans and expensive small loans that have not been paid on time. Nice enough, the statistics from last year say that debt due to SMS loans has decreased somewhat. However, another pitfall has emerged that, above all, young women have started to appear more and more at Sunrise Credit. The above is called online purchases via invoice.


Young women are starting to take on debt

Young women are starting to take on debt

More young women are starting to take on debt and end up at Sunrise Credit and it has been of interest to try to figure out why it has become so. One of the reasons is believed to be an increase in the number of online purchases and that one chooses to pay via invoice. You shop happily without really thinking about how much it costs because you then take it on invoice and not have to worry about paying until later.

For example, a report from the Swedish Consumer Agency states that it is common for young people to shop online and that around 20% of young girls who shop also choose to pay via invoice. However, there is always a small risk of doing this, especially if you are not sure that you have money when it is time to pay. Cases of this kind end up at Sunrise Credit fairly quickly and you get payment notes that hinder you in many situations in life.

Paying via invoice is risky and something you may not need to do unnecessarily. With an invoice to be paid within, say, 30 or 15 days, you can put the debt in front of you and this means that you may be able to shop even if you can’t really afford it. One tip is to always try to pay directly if you have the opportunity and if you can’t afford, you should think once again if you really want to shop at all. Will you be able to afford when it’s time to pay back?


What makes e-commerce so good, too which makes it a little dangerous

What makes e-commerce so good, too which makes it a little dangerous

It is very simple and easy to shop things online. You can choose from lots of gadgets – everything from clothes and accessories to perfume – and it’s also easy to pay. You can pay directly by credit card but also by postal payment or by invoice. If you choose to pay via invoice, you can postpone the payment yourself for a while.

What makes it so easy and convenient to shop online is also what makes it so easy to take on debt. Since you can sit and click things home so easily and can also postpone the payment, this is something that more and more people are starting to do and especially young women. It doesn’t feel like real money when you sit there and pick out everything you want and get it sent home when you don’t even need money to be able to get things.

This trend is obviously worrying. The number of debts due to SMS loans has gone down and hopefully this is because more and more people are aware of the risks and do not borrow unnecessarily. Over time, hopefully people will also realize the risks of postponing payment of, for example, clothing by shopping via invoice. Until then, there is the risk that we will see more debt at Sunrise Credit.

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