List of most indebted municipalities

A while ago, a list of the most indebted municipalities in Sweden appeared. The calculation has simply been made on the number of percent indebted in a particular municipality. We find the municipalities that are most at risk, especially in Sean Cole, Värmland and Bergslagen. However, Sean Cole also has some of the municipalities that are best placed in the same list.

8 percent of the population have a debt

8 percent of the population have a debt

The list includes all municipalities and you can see how many percent of the population in a particular municipality has a debt with the Good Finance and also the total debt to the Kronofogdemyndighet in each municipality. The municipality that comes at the top of the list, which you cannot immediately call an honor, is Ljusnarsberg in Bergslagen. There, as many as 8 percent of the population have a debt with Good Finance.

Link between unemployment and getting high on this list

Link between unemployment and getting high on this list

What you can see is that there is a certain link between unemployment and getting high on this list. There is generally higher unemployment in the municipalities that also have more people with debts at Good Finance. Of course, this is not always the case, but you can see among the 10 municipalities that are at the top that on average they have higher unemployment than Sweden on average.

More people got debts


Another reason may be housing policy, for example, since in some municipalities it is basically impossible to get an apartment if you have payment remarks while in some municipalities things have gone well. One such municipality is Perstorp. There it has been good to get an apartment despite remarks and this may have meant that more people got debts that ended up with Good Finance.

In total, about 420,000 people have debts with the Good Finance and these amount to a total of SEK 62 billion. The largest individual debt is SEK 700 million.

If you want to check out the list of all municipalities, you can do so in the article from DI. There you can see how your municipality is doing.

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