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Virginia Beach dee sea fishing

Virginia Beach Deep Sea Fishing

Welcome to the experience of Virginia Beach charter fishing! Visit us on Rudee Inlet, where our classic sportfishing boat, Long Time Com’n, spends the fishing season. This part of Virginia is famous for its angling opportunities—in-shore and off-shore—and if you’re a fishing enthusiast or just want to try it for the first time, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of all Virginia Beach fishing has to offer.

Some of the most productive fishing grounds in the world are right here. The magnificent Chesapeake Bay and the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean are both within reach. Captain Dan McClarren and his first mate will do everything they can to make your Virginia Beach deep sea fishing charter an adventure that will top your vacation memories.

If you’ve never had the experience of fighting a tuna or watching a billfish perform aerobatics behind the boat or catching a shark over the in-shore wrecks, you can’t imagine what an exciting event it is. It’s the stuff of which anglers’ dreams are made, and it can be yours when you go sportfishing in Virginia Beach with Captain Dan. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to fishing, we’ll be there to help at every rod-bending turn. Long Time Com’n’s crew has the experience to find the fish and the expertise and gear to tempt them to bite, hook them, and help you land them.

Long Time Com'n Charters

Long Time Com'n Fishing Charters

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Captain Dan and Long Time Com'n Charters fish out of Rudee Inlet down at the Virginia Beach oceanfront near the First St bridge.

Fishing Reports from Long Time Com'n Charters

Enjoy our fishing reports, frequently updated and fully detailed, covering fishing in Virginia Beach and Lake Okeechobee.

Bass Biting Hard at OkeechobeeBass Biting Hard at Okeechobee
Great Charter on Lake OkeechobeeGreat Charter on Lake Okeechobee
Bass Fishing Good AlreadyBass Fishing Good Already
Big Rockfish Off Virginia BeachBig Rockfish Off Virginia Beach
Lots of Spinners And CobiaLots of Spinners And Cobia
Great White Off Cape HenryGreat White Off Cape Henry
It's The Summer For SharksIt's The Summer For Sharks
Blacktips Sharks Off Virginia BeachBlacktips Sharks Off Virginia Beach
Spinners Off Virginia BeachSpinners Off Virginia Beach
Hammerheads off Virginia BeachHammerheads off Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach fishing charters
Trophy Striped Bass caught aboard Long Time Com'n

Fishing Virginia Beach - Sharks and Stripers

Within just a few miles off the beach, you can be catching sharks during your summer vacation! Shark fishing in Virginia Beach is one of Captain Dan’s specialties, and it doesn’t require a huge commitment of time. If you don’t have all day for a fishing trip, our half-day charters can still give you the thrill of catching a large fish. We slow troll for Spanish mackerel and bluefish out to the wrecks 6 to 10 miles off shore, where we drift fish for sharks, using life bait and squid. You can expect to catch bull sharks, hammerheads, spinners, sharp nose sharks, and black tips. In early August 2013, one of Captain Dan’s clients was fortunate enough to hook up with a 15-foot great white shark just off Cape Henry! While most of our sharks average in the 4-6-foot range, they are a good fight on light tackle. Then we search for cobia, spadefish, and whatever else swims in these in-shore waters.

Virginia Beach striper fishing has made a huge comeback in recent years during the cooler months. Stripers, also called rockfish, can tip the scales at 50 pounds. You’ll hardly notice the cold weather when you’re battling a big striper. These fish have made a healthy comeback along the Atlantic coastline, and Virginia Beach is now known for its big rockfish, which are so tasty.

Captain Dan and his mate are totally family friendly, and we can help anglers of all skill levels have a quality experience. We especially like to introduce young anglers to the sport. We believe that fishing is a great family pastime, and we go the extra mile to ensure that kids have an enjoyable time and learn about the fish they are catching and the environment in which they live. And if there are members just along for the ride, they won’t be bored. They will be watching dolphins swim with the boat, sea turtles, military vessels heading in and out of port, and commercial shipping traffic. There is always something to see!

Charter Fishing for Kids We’re totally kid friendly. We believe fishing is a great pastime for children, and we go the extra mile to make sure your kids have an enjoyable experience.

Virginia Beach fishing region is full of popular and highly sought after fish species. The resource rich Mid Atlantic region offers many fishing opportunities practically year round save a few short winter months. Long Time Com'n Charters and Captain Dan McClarren also fish in the Chesapeake Bay.
Below are just some of the saltwater fish species we catch.

  • Black Drum, Red Drum
  • Cobia
  • Sharks
  • Jacks, Amberjack, Crevalle Jack
  • Striper, AKA Striped Bass, Rockfish
  • Blue Marlin, White Marlin
  • Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna
  • Dolphin
  • Kingfish
  • Swordfish
  • Wahoo

Virginia Beach Fishing Captain

Virginia Beach sport fishing is a team sport. The captain and his mate must work well together to help you—the angler—successfully land a big game fish. You want an experienced captain who knows the waters off Virginia Beach and understands what each party wants from their trip. And you want a captain and mate who work well together. The mate is at home in the cockpit. He is ready with the right tackle and bait for whatever fish you will encounter and can change up his game quickly when an unexpected opportunity—like a big redfish or a tiger shark—comes along. He will work with each angler so that he or she has a successful day.

You want Captain Dan McClarren at the helm of your charter and his mate in the cockpit with you. They have the experience; they work great as a team; and they will hook you up with quality fish!

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Virginia Beach fishing charters
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